Going overseas doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Having a travel buddy you trust makes a world of difference -- that’s where we come in. Whether you’re planning your abroad trip, you’re overseas right now, or you’re back, we have just what you need:

46,000+ Reviews & Photos

50,000+ Reviews & Photos

Ratings, reviews, and personal accounts from people who actually went on the programs. The right information to help you find a program that suits you, and photos to help you visualize what it will really be like on the trip.

100,000+ Community Members

100,000+ Community Members

Have a question? Want to read an interview from an alumni? Feel like collaborating on a group playlist for a program? Our community is international, exceptional at traveling, and open to new members -- join us!

2,500+ Articles

1,000+ Articles

We have articles on every topic related to traveling overseas, by writers who are either currently at the destination or have been there before. Recommendations on when, where, and how to go overseas.

$500,000 in Scholarships

$200,000 in Scholarships

We believe that travel should be accessible, not a luxury. We run multiple scholarships year-round. If you win one, we might just surprise you with a giant check!

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We don’t run any of our own programs, but we have thousands of listings for you to explore.

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As a company of seasoned travelers, we’ve experienced first hand what a stressful and difficult experience it is to find reliable information about programs abroad. Our mission is to give you the knowledge and confidence to choose the right program for your next adventure, whether you want to work in Australia, study in England, teach in Asia, volunteer in Peru, do a bike tour in Tuscany, or all of the above.

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Mitch and Andrew met while teaching in Taiwan, where they connected over hot peppers and a shared desire to make it easier for more people to live overseas. Fast forward one year past missed voicemails, a failed move to Argentina, and an acceptance letter to Haas Business School; Mitch and Andrew are in Berkeley. Tucker, hot off the press from Korea, calls Mitch (whom he met working on a political campaign years before) looking for a job. They all firmly believe that more people should have the opportunity to travel in a transformative way. Voila, Go Overseas was born. And we’re so glad you found us.

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